UPDATED  ignore the date stamps on the photos, forgot to reset camera after battery change. Questions about our furry babies? Give us a call at  or 580-230-1208.

We are located in Durant Oklahoma, half way between Oklahoma City and Dallas Texas.  Halfway between Tulsa Oklahoma and Dallas Texas, a couple of hours from Arkansas and Louisiana too.

Do you have one of these yet?

From left to right... Rosy our silver rosetted girl (sold), Oklahoma Wildcatter F3 girl (sold), TICA Champion Spotted Ranger (a brown spotted), our home grown show boy at 8 months old.

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Rockrock Gunpowder George of Buccaneer w acquired stud 2010.

Grace (f2) below as a kitten.  She's charcoal brown as an adult.


Loves to interact and talk to you from her perch above the fridge or top cabinets in the kitchen.

Past kittens BELOW.

Adorable inside only pets with personality!

Silver Marble Girl, likes tummy rubs while laying on her back...We call her Dimples. :-)

Socialized, loving, playful, trainable, spots, rosettes, marbles (a few).

Wonderful people oriented dispositions. Sparky is her name.

Silver Rosetted Girl above...

Silver Rosetted Girl below...Glitter and rosettes that get bigger every day.

All kittens are sold on contract with early spay/neuter, kittens shots and TICA registration. IT is your responsibility to finish transferring registration to yourself.
Text messages to  work best, I work during the day and can't stop and take instant photos during the day.  Email (buccaneerbengals@gmail.com) also works and gets evening responses with better photos and short video clips.