Is it time for some wild charm in your life?  Kittens ready for their forever homes now. Reservations accepted for future kittens available and appreciated. Drop us an email at buccaneerbengals@gmail.com to request pricing and copy of contract. or 580-230-1208

Socialized, loving, playful, trainable, shorter tails, open and closed rosettes, small ears, wonderful people oriented dispositions.

Breeding for healthy family oriented interactive temperaments followed by wild beauty.

Bengals are not sit still and look pretty cats, they are very active and interactive when awake.

2 Page questionnaire for adoption is required to be returned to us completed before any arrangements take place.

Questions??? Read all about buying a Bengal for your home here... www.catbuyerguide.com  Then come back and visit us.

We feed A RAW CHICKEN DIET with Kitty Bloom and a no corn, no soy, no wheat dry food to all our furry friends to eliminate stinky runny poo.  Cats are obligate carnivores (meat eaters). Wet food is helped along with a mixed in portion of Kitty Bloom for all adults and kittens.  We buy Kitty Bloom  online.  It makes a huge difference in shine of coat,  and overall health. I've never had a cat climb a corn stalk ever! We get our kitty toys from ABC Cats Camille and major cat trees from Fandango Cat Furniture. Other cat goodies are from  Cats Unlimited and The Cat Connection both in the Dallas Fort Worth area.