Will have 4 silver spotted kittens available to leave for new homes August 23rd.  Will be altered, and fully vaccinated.  Please make arrangement quick to be on waiting list with secured deposit.  There is a two page application/adoption form that is required before any reservations are made or money exchanged.  Email or call me at buccaneerbengals@gmail.com or call or 580-230-1208.

Parents are Pixie and George, both silver spotted/ rosetted parents.

Past litters below...
 Parents are Anne and Pippin's only litter.
Rosetted Boys  all found forever home in 2012.

More recent photos on request by email. buccaneerbengals@gmail.com  This is Who Me? I was napping!

This is Hello!, Let me stretch then I'll be right with you.

NO, I was not licking that baby kitten!  AND yes my name is Loverboy!

Call today. 

Parents are Charlotte and George
Born 4-11-2012  Marbles in brown and silver, silver spotted, brown spotted.
Brown spotted girl left with her brown spotted brother. 3 silver girls. All found forever homes in 2012.