We are a member of The International Cat Association (TICA) and The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS)

Read through our pages, look at our photos, study up before making that purchase of a 15 year commitment.  Buccaneer Bengals are for the serious pet owners with long term commitments both with the animal and the breeder.

Due to demand for kittens they don't last long; make your pre-arrangements

Is your family and home ready for the domestic Bengal experience?

Retirees available, still young adult Bengals are available for permanent homes upon approval.  Must own your home, yes that's a picky issue but your landlord may not appreciate your new kitty. Email for details... and photos can be sent in evenings.  Adoption form required to be completed before arrangements are made. (June 14, 2013)  Clementine, Lady, Jazzy Fudge, Dixie Spot. (brown rosetted, brown spotted, brown marble and silver spotted)

Kittens available August 23rd 2013,

males and female. Silver spotted.

Parents are George (silver) and Pixie (silver).

Socialized, loving, playful, trainable, short tails, open and closed rosettes,  wonderful people oriented dispositions.

Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and US cash accepted for payments.

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All spots all the time! Kittens, adults, male, female, spayed, neutered, vaccinated, socialized with adults and children who have kitty experience and are gentle with all animals.  Litter box trained, eating a high quality diet, very playful and active.

Bengal Kittens for sale in Australia

Oscar found his forever home!

Some photos below taken 2/13/2012   All in new homes as of April.

Orange collar girl with Pops, her favorite human. (Sold to McKinney TX)

The kittens below turned 18 weeks old on March 31st 2012.

Duchess B B (Barrett Browning) shows her glittered silver coat.   Very sweet girl. Purrs when picked up.

Elizabeth curled up napping. Sister to Duchess B B.

It's time to listen to the piper! Meet Zephyr!! the silver boy who talks to everyone asking them to join his game. Talks to everyone, gets into everyone's business, in lap, on shoulders.


It's time to visit Buccaneer Bengals where hearts are stolen and joy increased; an in home, underfoot, joy filled place.